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Interview Marco Koenen


Our CEO Marco Koenen did an interesting interview with The Analytical Scientist - Texere Publishing Limited Showcase Page about what is new in comprehensive chromatography.
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15 Years of JSB


JSB has something to celebrate! This year will be our 15th anniversary.
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New application notes for the IRD 3


The IRD 3 is designed from the chromatographer’s point-of-view and is the only analytical infrared instrument that combines the separating power of the Gas Chromatograph with the molecular identification of FTIR
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New Application note: Automated Determination of Drugs of Abuse in Hair Samples


A fully automated sample preparation method has been developed and tested for extraction and analysis of drugs of abuse from hair samples. Performance was tested using hair samples spiked with cannabinoid standards. The automated sample preparation instru-mentation can be directly coupled to any analytical instrumentation for fully automated sample preparation and analysis.
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New Application note: Identification allergens in perfumes


Improved identification of target and non-target allergens in perfumes by GCxGC-QTOF
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Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon


Environmental Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) Analyser©
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